What is the best gift you can give your daughter?

Uncover the deep connection that you and your daughter have at Date with Dad in 2020!

Enjoy refreshing conversations and learn more about each other

7 Apr (Sat)

Mandarin Orchard Singapore


Reconnect with Your Daughter

Guide your relationship to a lasting and more meaningful connection
“Before this event, I rarely, close to never, had the chance to hear my father confess his love for me with such sincerity.”

– Emily, 14 years old

Mark this important milestone as you guide her through life's transitions

When she was young, did you shower her with hugs, cuddles and "I love you"? How about now?

Dads want to provide the best and protect their little girls for as long as possible. Your continued affection assures your teen that she is always precious to you and worthy of love. It also sets the right tone for the relationships she will develop, even affecting how she perceives dating and marriage.

Make time to express your love and affirmation at Date with Dad, specially curated for fathers and their daughters aged 12-15.

7 Apr (Sat) 

Mandarin Orchard Singapore

"I got to know her and look her in the eyes. I've never talked to her like that. I think it's wonderful. It's the best experience a dad can ever have with his daughter."

– Klive Lee, father of a 13-year-old girl

“I enjoyed Date with Dad thoroughly, especially the Affirmation Time, because I realised my father’s strong love for me and the good things he sees in me even when I feel inferior.”

– Sanjuana, 12 years old

“The event gave us an opportunity to think deep into why we love one another. This goes deep beneath the surface of ‘I love you’.”

– Anthony Chin, father of a 12-year-old girl

Invite your daughter on a memorable date and make her feel incredibly treasured.

Give her your best today!

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Can I invite more than one daughter to Date with Dad?

Date with Dad is designed to provide an exclusive window of time for you to shower your daughter with undivided attention. If you have a younger daughter, you may wish to attend this event again in subsequent years.

My daughter is younger/older than the recommended range of 12 to 15 years old. Can she still attend?

Date with Dad is intended to meet the needs of daughters aged between 12 and 15. For girls under 12, you may wish to wait till she is older so that she will receive the full benefits of the event.

Why is this event only for daughters?

Research has shown that there is a unique bond between a father and his daughter — the father-daughter relationship greatly influences a girl’s developing self-image and approach to future romantic relationships.

Date with Dad is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations between father and daughter about her becoming a young woman, and for fathers to celebrate this special milestone with their daughters. 

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How do I invite my daughter to go on this date with me?

We have prepared a special invitation card which you can print and present to your daughter!

Can I buy tickets as a gift for a friend and his daughter?

Yes definitely! Simply email us at focus@family.org.sg with the subject title “Date with Dad - I Want to Gift a Dad”, and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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$160/father-daughter pair for every 2 pairs signed up!
(U.P. $180/father-daughter pair)

Customised for daughters between 12 and 15 years old.

Special Buddy Promo:
Sign up with a friend! Use BUDDY20.

$160/father-daughter pair for every 2 pairs signed up!
(U.P. $180/father-daughter pair)

Special Buddy Promo:
Sign up with a friend! Use BUDDY20.

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