What is the best gift you can give your daughter?

There are approximately 678 weeks from the time your daughter is born until she becomes a teen.

Engage in deeper sharing about growing up experiences and treasured values.

7 Apr (Sat)

Mandarin Orchard Singapore

Staying Connected with Your Daughter

“Before this event, I rarely, close to never, had the chance to hear my father confess his love for me with such sincerity.”

– Emily, 14 years old

Create memories through special rite-of-passage moments during the event.

Every day and every week matters. Your daughter is growing up -- FAST!

Especially to the Dads, how you choose to nurture your father-daughter relationship will impact the way she sees herself, and her outlook on future relationships. To support your daughter's transitions to teen-hood confidently, your daughter needs your presence and affirmation. 

Whether you are a Mum who desires to see your husband spend quality time with your daughter, or you could be a Dad who wants to do something different for your father-daughter relationship, Date with Dad is a carefully curated experience, just for you!

7 Apr (Sat) 

Mandarin Orchard Singapore

"I got to know her and look her in the eyes. I've never talked to her like that. I think it's wonderful. It's the best experience a dad can ever have with his daughter."

– Klive Lee, father of a 13-year-old girl

“I enjoyed Date with Dad thoroughly, especially the Affirmation Time, because I realised my father’s strong love for me and the good things he sees in me even when I feel inferior.”

– Sanjuana, 12 years old

“The event gave us an opportunity to think deep into why we love one another. This goes deep beneath the surface of ‘I love you’.”

– Anthony Chin, father of a 12-year-old girl

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How do I invite my daughter to go on this date with me?

We have prepared a special invitation card which you can print and present to your daughter!


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Connect through interactive games and activities designed to spark conversations.

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$160/father-daughter pair for every 2 pairs signed up!
(U.P. $180/father-daughter pair)

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Invite your daughter on an unforgettable date

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For the past 13 years, Date with Dad has been one of Focus' signature events, where fathers are given an opportunity to affirm and celebrate their teen daughter's milestone and journey to becoming a confident young woman.

Father-daughter pairs can look forward to:

- A 3-course High Tea

- Meaningful engagement through activities and games

- Honest conversations facilitated through conversation starters

- Deepened connections through a special affirmation and presentation of handwritten letters

Special Buddy Promo:
Sign up with a friend! Use BUDDY20.

$160/father-daughter pair for every 2 pairs signed up!
(U.P. $180/father-daughter pair)




For Dads and their daughter

 (11yo and above) 

Why is this event only for dads and daughters?

Should you have further questionsplease email Alycia.Teo@family.org.sg

Is there an age limit to the event?

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