Raise a Strong and Resilient Child

Understand the academic pressures your PSLE child is facing and how you can be a parent-coach to nurture mental and emotional resilience in your child to face challenges with confidence.

PSLE Special: Empowered to be a Parent-Coach 
Saturday, 9 July 2022 | 
10 AM -12 PM
Rate: $50

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Raising Future-Ready Kids:

PSLE Special:
Empowered t
o be a Parent-Coach

Help Your Child Better Manage Their Emotions and Manage Stress

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As parents, we want to provide emotional support and be available for our child. But when faced with rising PSLE stress and anxiety, how can we remain encouraging and understanding without straining the parent and child relationship?    

Equip yourself to be a parent-coach and learn the skills needed to recognize and manage you and your child’s emotional and mental stresses. Develop your child’s resilience muscles to recover from setbacks and build a healthier mindset to overcome future challenges in life.


The webinar will include:

  • Roleplay on how to handle real-life situations

  • Interactive Q&A session 
Through this interactive webinar, you will learn how to:
About Our Trainer, Chong Ee Jay

With a deep passion for families, Ee Jay has conducted over 350 parenting workshops since 2007. He is also a trained counsellor and has been working with youths and parents cyber-wellness and digital parenting for more than 10 years. 

Ee Jay is currently the Programmes Lead at Focus on the Family Singapore and a Family Life Specialist. He has also appeared on expert panels and media interviews on both English and Chinese media platforms, including radio and TV news.

"The session was excellent! B.O.U.N.C.E is a useful framework of what we can do at home. "


Here are what some participants said

"I will be watchful about what I say to my kid, and purposefully seek out his thoughts and beliefs, while sharing mine."

"I have a new perspective of failure. I want to to help my kids cope with failure and emerge stronger."

"Now, I understand how to help my children process problems without expecting them to know what to do straightaway."

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The skills learnt in MER and SPMH build on each other

  • Go upstream in Mental & Emotional Resilience to instill joy and build resilience in your child through the ups and downs in life
  • Learn strategies in Suicide Prevention & Mental Health to be a pillar of strength in your child's times of need

Register for both webinars and enjoy the bundled rate of $50 (U.P. $130)!

Mental & Emotional Resilience
Saturday, 4 September 2021

  • Learn to nurture your child's psychological resilience to better manage stress
  • Be empowered to guide your child towards a positive and healthy attitude foe learning and living
  • Support your child in managing negative emotions

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health
Saturday, 9 October 2021

  • Be equipped to have open dialogues on anxiety and depression with your child, so you can be the first and last line of defence for your child's mental health and wellbeing
  • Recognise signs of anxiety, depression and mental health challenges

Understand your child’s world and potential stressors 

Process feelings in a healthy and productive manner

Encourage a growth mindset in your child

Inculcate values and beliefs that will anchor your child in times of difficulty